Aircraft On-Demand

Available 24/7, Ready When You Are.

TRICK 3D’s Aircraft Modeling Services enable airlines to build and leverage computer-generated (CG) 3D models for use across the enterprise, including: Product (design, iteration and review), Marketing (multi-channel), Sales, Training, and Innovation Initiatives.


We believe in the power of an on-demand CG fleet used across the airline enterprise.

TRICK 3D’s Aircraft Modeling Services allow clients to utilize aircraft whenever needed, including:

  • Product Visualizations (for fast design, iteration, review and awards),

  • Marketing (still imagery, video and immersive content across channels),

  • Sales (cabin tours, salesroom apps and more),

  • Training (for flight attendants, ticket/gate agents, ground crew),

  • Innovation Initiatives, including AR and XR, 3D booking and others.

To learn more about how an on-demand CG fleet can help you achieve your current objectives, as well as prep you for near-future innovation, contact us about our Innovation Strategy Package for Aerospace.